The Charcuterie

Hand selected from all over the world, these meats are sure to impress. Our curatorial spirit is what brings a critical selection of speciality items to our patrons tables.





Imported, Domestic, Local

Choose from our large selection of Applegate all-natural cold cuts. Select your favorite sausage from over 20 varieties. Don't forget the sliced cheeses: American, Provolone, Monterey Jack, Jarlsberg and more. Pickles and pate are also available. We also carry Brooklyn's best pastrami is here.

Selections available

Serrano Ham • Berkshire Pit Smoke Ham • Fra’mani Ham • French Ham • Applegate Honey Ham • Applegate Genoa • Applegate Turkey Breast



Specialty Meats


Imported, Domestic, local

Whether you're looking for the finest Serrano ham from Spain, or deciding on the sweetness of Italy's Parma prosciutto versus the smokey saltiness of speck, we have it all. How about razor thin slices of Bresaola, or Pancetta seasoned to perfection. Molinari and Son's are represented well here. Their hot salami and Sopressata are delicious. Saucisson Sec and Coppa Picante round out our selection.

Selections Available

Fra’Mani Salame • Molinaria & Sons Salame • Niman Pulled Pork • Niman Smoked Ribs • Fole Gras (Grade A) • Duck Leg Confit • Duck Sausage • Wild Boar Sausage • Parma Prosciutto • San Danielle Prosciutto • La Quercia Prosciutto • Venison Sausage • Chorizo (Domestic & Spain) • Merguez Sausage • Andouille • Breakfast Sausage • Polish Ring Kolbase • Bockwurst • Bratwurst • Smoked Bratwurst • Bresaola • Speck • Pate • Double Smoked Bacon • Regular Slab Bacon • No Nitrate Bacon • Pepper Coated Bacon • Herb Coated Bacon • Vermont Smoke & Cure Bacon • Niman Fearless Franks • Vegetable Burgers • Buffalo Burgers • Veal Demi-Glace • Duck Fat • Eton Dumplings • Brooklyn Piggies Pigs In A Blanket