Thanksgiving 2017

There are a million ways to cook a turkey, and at this time of year everyone’s got an opinion on the best method. Of course there’s the traditional classic roast turkey, a no-fail crowd-pleaser. But the adventurous cook might consider a deep-fried bird. Food nerd cooks might go for a sous vide turkey this year. Those up for braving the cold temperatures could consider smoking a turkey on the grill. And if you’re cooking for a smaller crowd a turkey porchetta might be what you’re looking for, or a dish of braised turkey with pancetta and Italian sausage.

But the truth of the matter is that you’ve got to start with a great bird. All our turkeys are all-natural, which means no hormones, antibiotics, or steroids, and raised on 100% vegetarian and non-GMO feed. We also carry certified organic turkeys. And we still have a few heritage breeds and wild turkeys left—but you’ll have to get them soon, because they’re going fast.
Whatever bird you buy from us, and however you cook it, we guarantee it’ll be the best turkey you eat all year.

Give us a call at 718-624-0014 and reserve your perfect bird today!



Thanksgiving is a time to gather together with the people we love most and gratefully acknowledge all the blessing in our lives.

As Staubitz celebrates its 100th year, I am particularly grateful for you, our community. Staubitz would not exist without your support over the years. It is a privilege and a joy to know so many of you and to be a part of your lives.

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

John McFaddenStaubitz Market