Welcome to the butchery


Garnering up over 55 years of experience we hand select each cut of beef, pork, lamb, poultry and game that passes through our door. Checking for freshness and quality we are able to consistently provide a high standard of product. This in turn means you eat well every time.



Grass & Grain Fed Beef


No Hormones, No Steroids, No Antibiotics, Humanely Raised

Silver Fern Farms is our primary supplier. They use a system of small farms all sworn to raising steer all naturally and humanely. This beef has moderate grain pattern but is packed with full flavor. The steer are grass fed and grass finished. Benefits of eating grass fed beef are numerous; it’s leaner and lower in fat and calories, has four times the amount of the antioxidant vitamin E as well as twice the amount of CLA (cancer fighting fats) and EPA and DHA (immune boosting omega-3s).

All of our meats are hand selected daily. Our USDA Prime beef is chosen the old fashioned way, on a hook and rail system; where the meat hangs on the hook, not pre-packaged in boxes. This way we can see everything - from the meat to fat ratio, to the level of marblization. This way we can procure the best products to then bring back to the shop to dry age. No hormones and small farms mean the meat is minimally processed.

CUTS available

Rib Steak • Hanger Steak • Shell Steak • Flat Iron Steak • Flank Steak • Newport Steak • Fillet Steak • Tri-Tip Steak • Skirt Steak • Porterhouse Steak • Stew Meat • Sweetbreads • Brisket • Ground Beef • Oxtails • Short Ribs • Chuck Steak • Chuck Roast • Beef Stew • Top Round • Bottom Round



Poultry & Game


No Hormones, No Steroids, No Antibiotics, Vegetarian Feed

Bell & Evans supplies all of our chicken parts. They are raised all naturally with no hormones or steroids, receive an all-vegetarian feed and are air-chilled so that no water is retained. We also offer Eberly Farms and our famous Canadian air-chilled chickens whole.

Our fresh, year-round turkeys also never disappoint. They are consistently juicy and flavorful. Larger breasts mean plenty of white meat to go around. Heritage smoked and wild turkeys are also available.

POULTRY CUTS available

Fryers • Roasters • Cutlets • Drumsticks • Wings • Legs • Thighs • Livers • Backs


GAME CUTS available

Magret Duck BreasT • Muscovy Duck • Peking Duck Breast • Guinea Hens • Goose • Wild Boar • Rabbit • Partridge • Capon • Squab • Venison • Buffalo • Quail • Poussin





No Hormones, No Steroids, No Antibiotics

Are you tired of having dry pork? Our pork is well-marbled and juicy. Sourced from Berkshire pigs, these hogs are delicious. Small farms and humane treatment means you get a succulent treat.

Cuts Available

Butt • Baby Back Ribs • Spare Ribs• Shoulder • Loin • Chops • Belly • Tenderloin • stew • cutlets • ground • Fresh & Picnic Ham • whole pigs



Grass & grain Fed Lamb


No Hormones, No Steroids, No Antibiotics, Humanely raised

We source our grass fed lamb locally here in the Hudson Valley and New Zealand. Hailing from small farms that raise them naturally and sustainably, we find these lambs tender, delicious and worth the extra money.

In addition, coming to us from the Pacific Northwest, our grain fed lambs are medium sized for good reason - too big and they get tough and gamey, too small and they are boney. We hand select them so each one is mild, juicy and delicious. Since we purchase the whole lamb we have every cut available. Our lamb is mild in flavor and trimmed lean to order.

CUTS available

Rack • Leg • Shoulder • Ground • Shanks • Crown Roast of Lamb • Breast • Tenderloin • stew • loin • rib chops • neck • loin chops • Shish kebob